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Perla Whitaker

Realtor Referral Program


 Perla`s Promise

My Promise is designed to create a long term business referral relationship with Real Estate Professionals throughout Manatee and Sarasota County and Perla`s Properties, LLC.

As Director of Property Management and Leasing I do not sell Real Estate therefor your referrals are protected from being sold without your customers being referred back to you.

My promise to you is very simple;

I am here to assist you with providing your customers  with Property Management and Leasing services. We have three types of programs that we offer, if your customer chooses to move forward we will then place them in the program that best suits their investment needs and financial goals.

If you are working with your customer and they decide that the timing is not right for them to sell their property but would like to explore the possibilities of placing their investment property into a property management program until the timing is better for them to sell I am here to assist them with all the information needed to make an informed decision as to why it important to utilize our services as a professional property management and leasing company. Our referral fees are simple and uncomplicated, should a Real Estate agent refer a customers property to Perla`s Properties, LLC  the referral fee is 20% of our first earned commission.  It the referral is a tenant for one of our listings the referral is 10% of the first earned commission. Referral fees are paid after all monies have been collected and a fully executed lease is in effect and only paid 1 time.


Simply contact Perla Whitaker at Perla`s Properties, LLC . We will send you a Tenant or Property management referral form or we can fill it out and send back to you. Once we have the information necessary we will make contact with your customer. I promise to keep you posted on the progress with your customer. If your customer decides to use our services, you will receive your referral fee once funds have been collected and the transaction has been completed.


YOUR property is OUR Passion


I want to say thank you to all the Realtors and Brokers that I have built a personnel relationship with over the past 18 years and wish all of you continued success, I am looking forward to another fabulous year networking with you and building additional referral networks throughout Manatee and Sarasota County. 

Perla Whitaker, Realtor
Director of Property Management and Leasing
google: Perla Whitaker