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As the Director of Property Management and Leasing I have learned over the years that to be exceptional in this field and to stand out above the competition I need to devote 100% of my time and effort to the Landlords and guests that I represent. Because of this commitment to exceed your expectations I do not sell Real Estate, however I have built a referral network of professional sales agents and would be more than happy to provide a referral.

Finding the right Realtor with help you with;

Walking you through the process of selling your home from beginning.

Providing comparable information about the prices for which other similar properties have sold and analyzing data for you to gain a true comparison.

Supplying information regarding local customs and regulations.

Sharing information about your home through the Multiple Listing Service and on the Internet.

Placing advertisements for your home.

Fielding phone calls “Qualifying” potential buyers to make sure they would be financially able to buy your property.

Negotiating the sales contract.

Alerting you to potential risks.

Complying with the disclosures required by law.

Providing you with an estimate of the closing costs you will incur.

Helping you prepare for a smooth closing of the transaction.

Perla Whitaker, Realtor
Director of Property Management and Leasing
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