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Perla Whitaker

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Property Manager

Hiring a Professional Property Manager saves you time, work, and stress.

Hiring one that knows the area and how to properly price it for the current market conditions thereby minimizing vacancy and  maximizing your investment property income is what we do.

Here are some things that you will not have to worry about once you hire me as your professional property manager:

•Knowing who to call when your unit needs cleaning, painting, or repairs.
•Advertise, field numerous rental calls and show the property.
•Screen applicants.
•Execute a legal leasing agreement, adding addendum’s if necessary, fill out the move-in move out inspection report, and deposit and disperse all monies.
•Receive tenant calls at all hours of the day and night including weekends.
•Confront tenants on tough issues like collecting rent, posting the premises or taking better care of the property.
•Collection non sufficient funds, checks and late fees.
•Serving legal notices or start the eviction process if necessary.
•Mail the tenant’s security deposit or submit a claim against it within the legal required time frame.

As a professional property manager I am dedicated to selecting quality tenants and keeping your investment in good repair with minimal out of pocket expenses. With 19 years of experience managing Residential Real Estate I have the experience you need and are looking for. By the way I do not sell Real Estate my only focus is to provide you with the best property management and leasing service you have ever experienced. Contact me today and experience the difference you will be glad you did I promise.


YOUR property is OUR passion